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Couples & Addiction Recovery

Couples Counseling for those repair and healing from the impacts of addiction on the relationship.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and guidance for couples on their path to addiction recovery. We understand that addiction can have a profound impact on relationships, and we are here to help you navigate the challenges and rebuild a healthier, happier future together. Our mission is to treat the relationship you hold together and how the addiction impacted that relationship versus focusing only on the individual's challenge with recovery. 

We pull from Gottman's research on addiction recovery in couples as well as a variety of other modalities. Addictions can strain even the strongest relationships, creating trust issues, communication breakdowns, and emotional turmoil. Acknowledging these hurdles allows you to begin to create a new, strong foundation together.  We believe the work to create this strong foundation requires a balance of doing the work required for your individual identity to be healed and repaired as well as the couple's identity.

Our therapists are focused on collaborating with treatment teams that are supporting the individual in recovery while we support the couple's process of recovery together. Their goals are to assist you in healing and repairing the trauma and pain that has occurred due to the addiction, developing more effective and connective communication patterns around the addiction, and creating a foundation of trust, security, and presence within your relationship. 

Due to the addiction recovery process being unique to each couple and individual, it is challenging for us to map out what the sessions will look like. We do utilize the Gottman Relationship Questionnaire to assist with identifying the areas of development for your relationship to engage in and utilize this data to help personalize the treatment approach we use for your couples addiction recovery work. 

Denise Ashcroft is the therapist on our team focused on serving couples in the addiction recovery process. She has availability right now to help you take the steps to repair and recover your relationship together.

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