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The fees of our practice are based on the experience and level of licensure of each therapist. These rates are listed on their about me pages for each therapist, as well as in the disclosure statement you receive before beginning therapy. You will provide a credit card for services that is stored in our electronic health record system and run at the end of each session.

We are focused on finding you a therapist that you feel is a good fit for the therapeutic work you want to do. 

If cost is a barrier, please speak with our leadership and admin team about options for low-cost therapy.

Image by Brett Jordan

Therapist Rates

Individual and Couples Therapy

Our therapists' fees are dependent upon experience and range from $150-250 for individual and couples therapy. You can find more details about a particulate therapist's fee on their individual bio page. 



Low-Cost Therapy

We also offer low-cost therapy that is provided through our clinical internship program. Fees are $50 for individuals and $75 for couples.

We are Out-of-Network with all insurance companies. We can provide you with a monthly statement called a superbill that you can submit to your insurance provider. We highly recommend you check with your insurance provider on what their reimbursement policy is for meeting with a therapist that is not in-network or considered private pay. More information on why we are a practice that does not work with insurance is provided on our frequently asked questions page.

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