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Couples Group

10 weeks, meeting online, $800 per couple

1.5 hour per group session 

10 spots available

-Start date: January 21st, 2021 2-3:30PM

-Register for the group by emailing me at

Prepare/Enrich is a program focused on exploring your strength and growth areas as a couple. Each couple will take the Prepare/Enrich assessment which will highlight the areas in your relationship to focus and develop skills in. As a group for 10 weeks, we will discuss the challenges and strengths in your relationship, teach new ways to communicate and connect, and learn from each other how to build a stronger relationship. 

Week 1: Sharing Strength and Growth Areas

Week 2: Personality Similarities and Differences

Week 3: Personal Stress Profile

Week 4: Communication: Assertiveness and Active Listening

Week 5: Conflict Resolution

Week 6: Finances

Week 7: Spirituality

Week 8: Romance, Sex, and Affection

Week 9: Closeness and Flexibility

Week 10: Group Wrap-Up

Want more details?

Email me at

to schedule a free 20-minute phone consult.

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