Skill Building

Group for Couples

6 Weeks, $300 per couple, 1.5 hour session per group, Starting Saturday, May 23rd to June 27th, 2:30-4 PM

-The group is open to 6 couples and will take place online due to COVID-19. 

-Register for the group by emailing me at

Our relationships face challenges daily and when we can access relationship skills that connect us and build us up, we have a better chance of navigating those challenges in a healthy way. This 6-week group is focused on building skills that you can utilize daily and for a lifetime in your relationship. 

Week 1: Fostering Appreciation

Week 2: Love Languages

Week 3: Communication Skills

Week 4: Roles and Expectations

Week 5: Conflict Resolution Skills

Week 6: Weekly Relationship Check-In Skills

New Mom

Support Group

10 weeks, meeting online, $20 per session

-Start date dependent on 5 individuals registering

-Register for the group by emailing me at

When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited, scared, anxious, immediately overwhelmed, and curious about my soon to be child. I’ll be honest-my pregnancy was easy. I didn’t have any complications, I was healthy throughout and my delivery went smooth. I had my child in December so we didn’t leave the house much in order to keep her from getting ill as she built her immune system. Then COVID hit and we really didn’t leave the house and that’s when I realized how lonely I was. I couldn’t see my family, my friends, my colleagues. I had to sacrifice connection to keep myself safe, my little one safe, and the world safe. This was not how I imagined my new mom journey. I envisioned meeting other new moms, having baby play dates, building my mom tribe, and connecting with people who understood what I was going through. I planned on going to the Library reading time to meet these new mom’s and I planned on posting in Facebook mom groups introducing myself and hoping to connect. None of that happened. 


What did happen was the creation of this support group. Being a new mom is hard. It can feel lonely, isolating, overwhelming, confusing, and exhausting. Being a new mom is also wonderful. It can feel exhilarating, overflowing with love, life-giving, and pure joy. My hope for this group is to give you the opportunity to have a safe space to connect with other new moms experiencing the joys and despairs of motherhood. A space where you can show up raw and honest. A space where you can cry, laugh, be angry, and heal. If you are looking for that, then this group is for you. 


Bring your coffee, your baby, and whatever supplies you need. Each group will focus on an area of motherhood, but will mainly be about supporting you in your needs for that week. We will meet for 10 weeks and re-evaluate your needs to see if you’d like to meet longer. Each group is $20 per session. I would love to talk with you and see if this is a fit for you. Give me a call today at 317-902-6359.

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