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2020: Preparing for the New Year

A new year, a new decade, and a chance for new resolutions. While we prepare for the holidays, we find ourselves surrounded by the questions of "What's your resolution for next year? What do you want to do different in 2020? What's next for you?" Some of us are pro resolutions and others of us are not. Whether you are or not, there are benefits for looking at how you want to grow and develop in the future.

Here are my two resolutions for 2020:

1.) Start before you are ready. Do not let perfectionism stop you from making your goals and dreams happen. You can learn from starting now and continue to grow as you go.

Have a goal in mind for 2020? Write it out and set an intention each day to help you work towards that goal. We often know the big picture goal and feel like we have to know the entire gameplan of how to achieve it which can lead us to delay starting to work towards our goal. You can create the gameplan as you go. You'll make mistakes along the way and that's okay! Learn from those mistakes and keep redefining your gameplan as you work towards achieving the big-picture goal.

Example: Want to lose 20 lbs? Set the intention to start moving for 10 minutes today, to drink more water, or to have a veggie at every meal. You don't have to be fully meal-prepped, know exactly what workout program you will follow, or give up the coffee completely. You just have to start somewhere and figure out what works and what does not as you go! 2.) Be kind to one person daily. Kindness creates positivity which creates a happier you, a happier life and a happier world.

Hold the door open for a stranger, buy the Starbucks for the car behind you, or show appreciation to your co-worker for their help on a project. There are so many ways to be kind to one person each day in your life. If you're struggling to come up with ideas, think about the acts of kindness that have been done unto you in the past few months and make a list to help guide you on your journey of kindness. And if you're really struggling, turn on The Ellen show because her entire message is about being kind daily!

If you need more ideas, head on over to Compare Life Insurance and hear from more Mental Health Experts on their best advice for New Year's Resolutions in 2020.

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