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28 Date Night Ideas

Dating is exciting at the beginning of our relationship. It's often a focus and a weekly connection with our partner. For some reason, it often gets forgotten about once married. Add in children and sometimes it can feel non-existent.

It's so important to prioritize dating your partner though. When we can make this a focus and a scheduled event in our life, it allows us to have an intentional connection and quality time together. These dates can be simple, creative, or elaborative depending on your flavor of dates.

I've made it easy for you to prioritize date nights by creating 28 Date Night Ideas for you to implement. You can pick and choose the ones that sound fun and get the brainstorming going. Get your free copy here!

Want even more date ideas? Join me in my Building Stronger Marriages Facebook Group or on my Instagram for weekly ideas.

What's your favorite date?

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