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Being a Therapist is Hard.

Some days it is really difficult to show up and do my job. I'm human too and have my own struggles that impact my mental and emotional health.

Today was one of those days for me. I felt disconnected in my relationship, frustrated at the pattern we were in, and really wanted it to be easier. I cried and I had puffy eyes, I was exhausted and overwhelmed. But I still showed up to my work. I'm a couples therapist working with couples on relationship dynamics and I was struggling in my own relationship today.

As I was thinking about how hard it is to show up and be the therapist, it made me realize my own life experiences are what allow me to be the therapist. The experiences I have in my own relationship allow me to be relatable and authentic. I can own that I have the same struggles or have gone through the same struggles. I can honestly say that the skills I teach work and have a positive impact when you truly try them. I can truly say I've walked in your shoes though it may not be the same path I have felt similar ways, had similar thoughts, and felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and all the emotions.

While the work is hard, I am so grateful for it. My work allows me to be me. It allows me to grow and learn from others while also teaching them ways to grow. It reminds me I'm human and I don't always have to have it together. It reminds me there is beauty in the pain.

Today was hard and it was also life-giving. Today, my clients impacted me to remember to have grace, compassion, and to keep pushing into my relationship even though it's tough at times. Thank you a million times for trusting me, showing up, teaching me, and allowing me to be human with you.

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