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Emotion Processing

What week are we in with this Pandemic? I've totally lost track! I am feeling the weight, overwhelm, and uncertainty though. It hit me hard this week that I am feeling all the emotions and I've been stuffing them down. Yes, even as a therapist, I tend to push my emotions away which is now what I encourage others to do. I am human just like you.

I've been sad because I keep having to push my travel plans to visit my family back week after week. I had so many dreams and ideas that were crush when the pandemic hit. Some of my family still has not my daughter which was one of the reasons we were traveling. My best friends have still yet to meet her. I know not traveling is keeping us safe and others safe, but its hard. I miss my family, I miss the dreams I had created, and I miss normalcy.

One tool that helps me to process my emotions is this:

Thoughts: What am I thinking right now?

Feelings: What emotions am I experiencing?

Urges: What action do I feel called to do?

Need: What do I actually need to do?

This tool takes just a few minutes to process through and gives me a better idea of how to support myself and emotionally process in a healthy way. Continue to have grace with yourself during this time and create space to process!

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