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How to Make Couples Counseling Affordable

If you are like me, where your money goes is very important to you. A common issue that comes up when people pursue any type of counseling is the financial cost. Prices for therapy have a wide range and we each have a different financial place we are in currently.

Finding ways to afford couples counseling sometimes require creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Before I dive into some creative ways to afford couples counseling, I want to have a discussion about your mindset for couples counseling. Couples counseling has a financial piece, but this financial piece is an INVESTMENT piece. Spending your money on couples counseling is similar to funding your 401K. The goal is to put money in now and see how it continues to compound over time. No, you will not be getting money back from therapy; however, the hope is that you will start to see the compound effect in your relationship. The investment you make now can teach you skills and practices that you implement for a life-time and often save you money in the long-run.

1.) Budget for Couples Counseling.

Look at your budget and create a part in your budget to save for couples counseling. $5-10 each week can add up over time when your partner and you are ready to pursue therapy. Another way to budget is to look at your food/entertainment expenses. If you spend an average of $100 eating out or with entertainment each month, sacrifice one meal out each month and put that money towards therapy.

2.) Put it on your wedding registry.

Sites like and allow you to create your own registry gifts. A great idea is to put a category where people can give you money for your wedding to invest into couples counseling.

3.) Use your HSA Account.

Did you know most Health Savings Accounts can be used to pay for therapy? Look into the benefits of your HSA account and see if it can be applied towards your couples therapy. This is often money sitting around waiting to be used when you are sick and this is a fun way to use it to prevent illness!

What are ways you have found to afford couples counseling?

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