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The Joy of Clients Graduating From Therapy

While I love working with my clients and guiding them through the goals and changes they want to make in their relationship, one of the biggest joys I have in my work is the opportunity to graduate clients from therapy.

As a therapist, I do not always get to see the clients I work with complete therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they decide to end therapy before they meet their goals. Sometimes there are life transition impacts that end the therapy work early. And sometimes it's because they need to complete their therapy work with another therapist.

However, the times I do get to walk with a client from the beginning of therapy to the end I very much enjoy the celebration and reflection of their growth.

Therapy is a space to grow and heal and learn how to implement the skills on your own. When I find that the clients I work with are implementing the skills intentionally and consistently, I also find they are ready to graduate and move on from therapy for a while. It is a great joy to witness this growth and accomplishment.

Many clients often ask: "What if we need help or want to return?" And my answer is always "As long as I am practicing, my doors are open for you."

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