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What is your relationship superpower?

We all have a superpower in our relationship. This superpower helps our relationship grow and develop. As partners, we need to see how you and your partner add to the relationship which includes seeing the superpower you each have.

What helps us to honor and see the superpower is to ensure we have positive interactions with one another. The Gottmans discovered that for every 1 negative interaction you have, you need 5 positive interactions to replace it. Honoring and seeing your partner's superpower is one way to do this.

Here are additional ways to create positive interactions:

  • date nights

  • weekly relationship check-ins

  • expressing fondness and admiration towards one another

  • inviting your partner to support your needs

  • affection and physical touch moments

  • being curious about your partner

There are so many ways to create positivity in your relationship and the only way they happen is by creating an intention to do them.

What is your relationship superpower?

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