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Therapy for Relationships

At our couples counseling practice, we take a creative and personalized approach to help couples build sustainable relationships. We understand that every couple is unique, and our goal is to develop a system that works for them, based on their specific needs and desires.

Couples Therapy

At our practice, we utilize a variety of modalities to assist couples to move through the challenges they are experiencing toward the goals they set in their first session.

Our clinicians are trained in the Gottman Method, Imago Relationship Therapy,  and more. 

Our approach involves using creative techniques and tools to help couples understand each other better and communicate more effectively. We believe that every couple can learn to thrive in their relationship, and we work closely with them to identify the areas where they need support and guidance.

Tea Time
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Discernment Counseling

Often both partners may not feel ready for couples counseling due to uncertainty on whether there relationship can find growth or sustainability.

We work with individuals and couples who are considering ending their relationship and provide a specialized approach focused on discerning what path will be best for themself and their partner. Before diving into couples work, Discernment Counseling assists with deciding if you are both ready to commit to couples counseling or separation/dissolvement is the step to take.

Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops are a great opportunity for couples and individuals to grow and evolve with a focus on psycho-education. 


We offer a variety of offerings for clients to work on their relationship even when they are unable to commit to on-going therapy work. This is a great fit for those who enjoying diving deep into learning and applying the skills and tools on their own. It is also a fit when the investment of therapy is a concerns. Our classes and workshops are able to support what may work best financially for your partnership.

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