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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take insurance?

I do not. Most insurances do not cover couples counseling which is why I am not in-network with insurance plans. When the insurance company does say they cover couples counseling, what I am required to do is give one of you a diagnosis. I do not do this as if you are presenting for relationship concerns I do not feel that is ethical. 


2. How long is the duration of couples counseling?

This is dependent on each couple. On average couples are with me from 6 months to a year as a focus I have is not for a quick change, but sustainable change. My goal is to help you change your relationship with skills that can be replicated for a lifetime. This takes time and each relationship has different components to work on that impact the duration.


3. Will you tell us we should not be together?

No, I will not. My role as the therapist is to help you see the patterns and themes that are occurring in your relationship and provide your skills and guidance to change them for the good. Some couples counseling experiences do involve partners deciding they do not want to continue the relationship, but it will not be my decision-it will be yours.

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