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Premarital Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is not only for couples who are struggling. It is for all couples who desire to build a strong, healthy, and connective relationship for a lifetime.

We believe that couples counseling is for all couples, not just couples in distress and despair, but also for couples who are wanting to build a strong foundation for their relationship so they can grow old and grey together. We love providing premarital counseling and assisting couples to take action on building the strong, resilient bond for marriage and creating the toolbox they need to navigate the life challenges and transitions they will encounter during their lifetime. 

Premarital counseling has been found to increase overall relationship satisfaction by 35%. It has also been found that couples who engage in premarital couples counseling are 30% less likely to divorce within the first five years of marriage.

In premarital counseling, our therapists will create a safe and supportive environment for you as a couple to explore your hopes, dreams, and expectations for the future together. Each of you will gain a deeper understanding of each other's values, beliefs, personal histories, and how your family backgrounds may and can impact your relationship. They will assist you in creating open and honest communication, teach you have to make conflict work for you in your relationship, and develop a plan for connection that grows as your relationship grows. 

The main hope and goal of this work is to do the preventative work of developing unhealthy relationship patterns and dynamics. When you address these areas now and directly, you increase your ability to have a successful, satisfactory and connective relationship. We want to empower you to make positive changes today so you do not get to the point of feeling like it's too late to change in your marriage in the future. 

Do not leave the success of your marriage to chance--choose to take the steps to build a solid foundation for a fulfilling and resilient partnership. 

Dionne Miller

Dionne Miller currently serves couples wanting to build a strong marital foundation and has availability today.

Rachel Elder

Rachel Elder serves couples using the Prepare/Enrich Method and the Gottman Method for couples wanting to do premarital therapy. 

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