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Couple with Daughter

Weekly Relationship Check-In Guide

Whether you are married, dating, or committed to each other, we all need constant help in increasing positive, effective communication and connection in our relationships. I have created a guide to help you do that. Give it a shot and watch your relationship grow in love and connection!

Couple in Sunglasses

Make Conflict Work for You

100% of couples fight. It's going to happen in your relationship. And most of us don't know how to deal with conflict when it arises. My goal is to provide you with 3 steps to make it work for--not against--you.

Couples with Skateboards

Date Night

One of the ways to continue to build a strong relationship is to continue to date your partner. Grab my free 28-date night idea calendar and getting to dating again!

Happy Couple

Gratitude Challenge

Building affection, appreciation, and admiration in your relationship require intentionality. One of the best ways to do this is to create a culture of gratitude. Take my relationship challenge that guides you to fostering gratitude for your partner and your relationship.

Acroyoga Inversion

Try Something New Together

The longer we are together, the more "No's" we hear rather than "Yes's." The goal of this tool is to encourage you try something new together with your partner. Learning together and growing together is key to keeping the spark alive. 

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