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Weekly Relationship Check-in Guide

Staying connected in your relationship is important for growing old and grey together. Use our Weekly Relationship Check-in Guide to stay connected, keep an open-line of communication, and discover better ways to support one another.

How does the Check-in Help?

We have found working with couples they often meet with us because of their struggles to communicate, difficulty managing conflict, and a lack of connection.


The check-in was created to help focus on all three of these areas. It is divided into a set of 6-questions and prompts to help you communicate, reduce conflict and build connection.

  • What went well this week?

  • What could have gone better?

  • Map out the week together.

  • What does emotional support for the next week look like for you?

  • What are your individual needs for the week?

  • What couple needs do you have for the week?


Our intention is to have you implement the check-in each week to work on intentionally growing your relationship weekly. You may find it takes a bit more to work through the check-in each week, but you will find the more often you practice it, the smoother it goes week by week. 

Get your copy of the Weekly Relationship Check-in Guide below.

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