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I am a trained supervisor for individuals pursuing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor License. The development of your clinical mind as well as your passions is the key to success in a lasting therapy career. I benefited so much from the unique opportunities I have had from my own supervision towards licensure and am passionate about creating space for new therapists beginning their journey. 

In the first two years of graduating with my MACP, I worked in community mental health, started and ended a private practice and joined a group practice. I understand the diverse routes that can be pursued and want to help you decide which route is best for you to develop your skills.


I work from a developmental model in supervision and have a growth-oriented mindset for our work. My hope is to help you grow your confidence, clinical skills, and healthy dynamics for engaging in this work. 

I also love bringing in business development into the supervision work as it is not taught in our graduate programs. In additional to providing great clinical work, I want you to be able to have a sustainable business as well. 

I am currently accepting new supervisees.

$120 per 60-minute supervision session

Call or email today to schedule a free 20-minute consult! It's important to me that you find the best supervisor for your growth. 


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