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Anxiety Reducing Techniques

Being an individual who suffers from anxiety, I am constantly on the lookout for anxiety reduction techniques that work for me. I have tried so many different skills and not all have worked for me. Deep breathing is one I am not a fan of and it is often the first skill suggested. So today I want to share the techniques I use that really help me when my anxiety is creeping up on me.

1. Exercise

Being physically active has been the best tool for reducing my anxiety. I personally like to work out at home doing strength-training exercises or going on walks around the neighborhood. Here are some links to my preferred workout routines:

2. Hot Showers

Taking a steaming, hot shower is so good at reducing my anxious thoughts. It’s really difficult to think when hot water is hitting your body and waking up your nerves. It’s like a hot tub. Hot tub’s are meant to be relaxing and because I’m not rich and do not have access to a hot tub, a shower is the next best thing.

3. Talking it out

I have got to get my anxious thoughts out of my head or I spiral down really fast. My husband is my favorite person to talk it out with. He see’s the world so differently from me and helps me remember that I can take a break and not try to conquer the world in a day. I also love talking to my best friend because she has seen my anxiety in all of its forms for years. She knows when anxious Rachel is talking and non-anxious Rachel is talking.

4. Music

I grew up in a musical household and music touches my soul. I love to get lost in the meaning of a song and exploring a different world other than my own for a while. I also love to dance it out. Dancing is so uplifting and I love laughing at myself making a fool of myself with my ridiculous moves.

These are just a few of the skills I have to help reduce my anxiety. See how I didn’t put anything on there about breathing? Breathing does not work for me; it makes me more anxious. But if breathing works for you go for it! I’m envious of the people who can use deep breathing to reduce their anxiety.

What do you do to reduce your anxiety or cope with it?

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