Therapy for Couples and Individuals desiring to build a strong foundation for their relationship and marriage.

Do you find yourself talking to your friends about how much you miss the romance or excitement your dates used to have?


Have you been fighting over little things and getting stuck in the same disagreement over and over again?


Are you wanting more connection, communication, and desire?


If you answered yes, to any of the above then you are in the right place. Couples counseling is not just for those who are considering divorce. It is for those wanting to grow stronger as a couple, for those wanting to overcome the same communication patterns they get stuck in and for those wanting the passion to last a lifetime.


Your relationship can have that spark it had in the beginning. You can learn how to communicate more effectively and efficiently. You can have those romantic, passionate date nights again.


Contact me today for a free 20-minute phone consultation. I am ready to help you build a stronger relationship!

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Learn more about my therapy style and who I am.


Discover valuable skills, tools, and ways to increase healthy communication with your partner.

Clinical Consult

Therapist's needing support and guidance with their clinical skills, reach out!


Freebies, workshops, and guides to print and utilize with your partner, self and clients.

  • Building Stronger Marriages

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